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Wedding: 10 days to go.....

Yikes! Where did the last year go!? It doesn't seem that long ago that we were at the registry office paying for a marriage licence - and now - we are only 10 days away from actually getting married!

Thanks to my 9-year-old, Keira, for the drawing.

So, what does a bride-to-be get up to on the lead up to the wedding? The answer is: lots!

Luckily I had Bank Holiday Monday off work, so Lee took the kids out to Ikea and I got to go shopping with Mum.

We picked up five bottles of lemon syrup and still lemonade to be used in the large glass dispenser, we picked up various sweets for the candy bar. All of these came from the 99p shop.

We raided Primark and got some cheap silver feather earrings for the girls to wear and some Indian bangles.

I picked up a bunch of sweet william from the market for £2.50, which is sitting pretty in a vase, but I will try out making two posies with it which will be tied up with sari ribbon.

I have been testing out hair styles on the girls - I think we're going for the waterfall twist - whad'ya think?!

Yesterday I was at work, which allowed me a quick lunchtime shop, so I managed to pick up some lamp oil in Robert Dyas for the oil lamps.

Lee made the final payment for the marquee, so there is now only the generator and the two portaloos to pay for!

It's half term, which often equals "Mum I'm bored" by 8.00am. I have given the kids jam jars to decorate. They made a start, but gave up fairly quickly - we've also been making jam jar lanterns.

I have tried on my wedding dress, and after attempting to walk in it, realised it was too long, seriously, i would have tripped down the aisle! Mum had to alter it slightly, but it's now fine, and I also broke my shoes in, which are actually pretty comfortable.

Fishing wire and 48 tubes of bubbles have just been ordered from eBay.

My friend in Australia kindly re-ordered my wedding earrings, as I managed to lose the first pair, I'm hoping they'll arrive by the beginning of next week!

We have an amazing amount of decorations, so nothing else is needed.

I think we're signing off for the day - the sun is shining, so the park is calling to us. Plus we're going to London tonight to see Lee's Nan who is up from Cornwall - busy-busy!!


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