Happy Feet

With the high chance that it might rain on our wedding day - and the fact that we will be outdoors I have been looking at alternative footwear.

During the ceremony I will be wearing mint green heels, but I really don't want to wear them all day long!

My girlies will be wearing cowboy boots, we have a pair here which are lovely,

Instagram - Untitled

but each of them will need a pair. We will be going for Cutie QT from Amazon at £26.99 a pair.

I already have a pair which I will take with me, I love my cowboy boots, they were a second hand eBay purchase two years ago.

Incase of rain, inkeeping with the mint green colour - I will be ordering a pair of mint green wellies, Hunters are out of my price range, so I have found these lovelies from Shu Crazy at £19.95.

Last June it was glorious - so you never know, we could experience a little heatwave! These barefoot sandals would be great from Etsy store LadyAlinaShop they are hand crocheted in Latvia and cost around £9.

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