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Taste Test: Budget Macarons

Macaron, Macaroon? I never know what to call them?! All I know is that they look delicious and dainty and colourful, and I spent a lot of time last year hunting for budget ones for my daughter's Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

There is a Patisserie in Croydon that sells all different colour macarons, but they are £1 each - pretty expensive if you want a whole bunch of them. I also heard Marks and Spencers sell them, but again about £10 per pack - way out of my price range.

I looked into making my own, and have yet to attempt it, as most posts I have read say they can be very difficult to get right.

I hunted high and low for the Lidl macarons, I went to Church Street in Croydon, my Mum's friend was on the lookout at her local store, my Dad tried Streatham and his local Lidl but no luck. They seem to only get them in when they have a special French Week.

A few months back my Dad found some - yay! He'd been keeping them for our next visit. You will find them in the freezer section in a pack of 12 for a very reasonable £2.99, all you need to do is let them defrost for about an hour.

The pack we tried came in four flavours: Framboise Cassis (blackcurrent-raspberry); Vanilee (vanilla); Mangue-Passion (mango and passionfruit) and Caramel au beurre sale (salted butter caramel).

I assembled my gang of taste testers - Fin will basically eat anything sweet, he was a fan and so were the girls. Mango and passionfruit was a firm favourite and the salted caramel was delicious too. I do love a Lidl bargain!

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