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The Land of the Lions at ZSL London Zoo

Land of the Lions at ZSL London Zoo opened its doors to the public on Good Friday, 2016 and we've had the chance to go and visit twice.

It's based on the Gir Forest in India, where most of the world's last wild Asiatic lions live - there are just over 500 left in the wild.

The enclosure is amazing! It is home to four Asiatic lions Bhanu, the male and three lionesses - Rubi, Heidi and Indi. We didn't see Bhanu - he must have been hiding (both times).

You enter through a ruined temple decorated with flags and colourful garlands, this is where we got our first glimpse of the lioness basking in the sun.

The 2,500sqm enclosure has been built to mimic the Sasan Gir, with a train station and overhead walkway where we saw the Hanuman langur monkeys.

There are rickshaws which the children can sit in, bicycles where you can see if you can pedal as fast as a lion and a life-size colourful truck. You can also spot the mongoose in this area.

The attention to detail is fantastic - it is so colourful everywhere.

In the live-action adventure at Land of the Lions, visitors can become part of the story, as they help ZSL’s forest rangers deal with a ‘lion-emergency’ in the Gir Forest, and lend a hand with the veterinary team who come to the rescue. I have written about this here.

Street food is available from the Amreli stall, we tried the masala fries (£3.50) - the sauce was really good.

To find out more and support ZSL’s Asiatic lions campaign visit

Gir Lion Lodge is a brand new experience at ZSL London Zoo with stunning lodges for guests to stay overnight in the heart of the Land of the Lions. Imagine waking up here!

It is an amazing day out - we took Uncle Paul (who we can thank for the brilliant photographs) and Nanny came too.

There are so many species to see at London Zoo and plenty of walk-through enclosures where you can get up close with the animals.

This baby southern tamandua was having a piggy-back from its mama in the Rainforest area.

This is Kumbukas the silver back gorilla.

The kids loved Penguin Beach.

Keira got to fulfill a life-goal - feeding a llama.

There is almost too much to show in one post - so I'll sign off with a few more pictures of our fabulous day at ZSL London Zoo.

Pictures are copyright of Anarchy Photography.

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