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#ExplorerKids - Round-up #14

Welcome back to #ExplorerKids the Instagram community that I co-host with the lovely Su from Ethan and Evelyn.

I have some severe wanderlust just looking at all the beautiful photos - over 2000 photos have been tagged since we started this up three months ago.

#ExplorerKids is a fun hashtag, it's open to anybody to join in with. Just tag your Instagram photos of children exploring, adventuring and on their travels. Each Tuesday, myself and Su will choose four each to feature and at the end of the month we will do a round-up of our favourites.

Make sure you follow @kippersandcurtains and @ethannevelyn to see who has been featured.

This week I have chosen:

@koi.kai the amazing colours just struck me in this photo. This was taken in Haleiwa Town in Hawaii. I'm loving the wings.

@huelyaswiss this little wanderer is hiking in Switzerland and it looks gorgeous.

@wonderlingsco I love everything about this photo, especially the little wagon. If you would like to join in with their hashtag it's called #MyWonderlings

@lovebig_packlight this is just amazing - stunning! I would love to go to Arches National Park in Utah one day. The colours and the formations are beautiful.

Please do give these amazing accounts a follow on Instagram and keep tagging and sharing your fabulous images.

Hop over to Ethan and Evelyn to see Su's choices.


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