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#ExplorerKids - June Round-up

Oh June! What a wash-out you've been!

We have managed to have a few moments of sunshine, but mainly you've been miserable and rainy.

I really do enjoy checking Instagram everyday and seeing who has joined in with #ExplorerKids

These are just a handful of favourites from the month of June, but there are so many to choose from. In this grid there are pictures from Hawaii, Utah, Sweden, Texas, North Carolina and the UK!

Do check out my co-host Su over at Ethan and Evelyn to see her June favourites.

My June favourites are:

Top row: @koi.kai @lovebig_packlight @wonderlingsco

Middle row: @honeytea84 @gingerlillytea @mosheremeta

Bottom row: @mosheremeta @mom_of_4_exploring @nomadyogafamily

Please feel free to share with your friends and continue tagging #ExplorerKids


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