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Backyard Cinema - The Lost World

Normal cinema will have a lot to live up to after our trip to the Backyard Cinema on Saturday.

Cinema trips are a rarity for us - this was Finley's first time and I could probably count on one hand the number of times my girls have been.

Before we had children Lee and I were regular movie goers - at least a couple of times a month - but knowing how expensive it is and also that young kids rarely sit through a film we've shied away from it opting to watch films at home.

That's until I discovered Backyard Cinema.

It is currently set in the middle of Mercato Metropolitano, an Italian food market on Newington Causeway, just a short walk from Elephant and Castle station in London.

They are showing a great selection of films - from classics like The Goonies and Hook and over Halloween, Hocus Pocus, Ghostbusters and Casper.

Being that this was a bit of an early birthday treat for Finley (and his first cinema trip) we went for the Lion King.

Now what's so different about Backyard Cinema? Well, have you ever entered a cinema through a small ruined temple, crawled through a little door and swung in via rope-swing landing in a pit of foam boulders? I thought not.

Instead of flap-down chairs you will be lounging on giant beanbags complete with cosy fleece blankets to snuggle under.

Even the tickets are cool!

The room is decorated like a jungle with fallen pillars, vines, a large skull, fairy lights and wood chippings on the floor.

This cinema changes location from the cobbled streets of Camden Market to a beautiful church in Baker Street, their are events all year round, both indoors and outdoors. I have heard great things about Romeo and Juliet in a church complete with a live choir!

Child tickets are £9.50 for U12s, babes in arms are free and adult tickets are £16.50.

You can't take your own food in but the bar at the back serves popcorn, sweets and soft drinks as well as beer and cocktails.

The beanbags are amazingly comfortable, I think all cinemas should have them, blanket hire is £1 but a lovely extra bit of comfort.

We all really loved the experience so much and had a wander around the market afterwards, watching The Goonies there would be amazing!

Backyard Cinema is also a short walk from London Bridge so we walked back that way by the Shard to the train station.

This is a fabulous treat and we'd highly recommend it.

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