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High Chart and Limpsfield Common

Limpsfield Chart, near Oxted in Surrey, is a place we have been taking the children walking for a few years now. We always tend to park in the car park near the church but it was full up on Sunday - leading us to park at Limpsfield Common and try out a different route.

The common's old Roman road used to link Southwark in London to the south coast near Lewes.

Major Baden-Powell and Colonel Cody were said to fly man-lifting kites from the common in the days when men were learning to fly. Look on the National Trust website for more information.

Rather than head onto the common we took a walk down through the woodland - if you do go onto the common, at Ridlands Grove you'll see that some of the National Trust volunteers have built little Peter Rabbit houses.

We crossed the road - directly opposite Limpsfield Common car park is High Chart. This is where we love to walk. Although it was an extremely cold day, the sun was shining through the pine trees with a very low mist.

If you head through the woods towards the Limpsfield Chart car park there are some tyre swings in the trees. Last summer the tree had been splattered with powder paint.

It's also a great place to forage for mushrooms at the right time of year - this is where I found a large cauliflower fungus (edible) and a fly agaric (do not touch) next to this deer skull.

The trees are impressive, I have taken some of my favourite pictures here. When you head to higher ground it looks like you could be on a ranch in Canada.

Now I feel I can plug my Etsy shop (shameless I know)! Here are a few of my dream catchers that I make at home - they are available to buy in my shop Willow Moon Dreamers.

If you have any favourite places you love to go walking - please do let me know in the comments.

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