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#ExplorerKids - January Round-up

Who knew that when Su and I created the #ExplorerKids community 10 months ago - that it would have grown so popular?

We are both amazed to have over 14,000 images tagged with a hashtag we came up with via a few emails back and forth.

The quality of images tagged are outstanding and - they really are global. Every day people from all over the world tag their photos - this makes us very happy.

Here are just a few of my favourites from the month of January. These pictures have been taken in New Zealand, Luxembourg, Peru, Guam, Australia and the UK.

All credit must go to these amazing accounts:

Top row: @newyoungmum; @tripleespresso2go; @daisythebus.

Middle row: @lifewithkids_findthebeauty; @treaclebeet; @latintrails.

Bottom row: @sweetsell002_; @hola_lafamily; @ourglobetrotters.

We'd love it if you could give us a follow too @kippersandcurtains and Su @ethannevelyn.

So, if you have kids and go on lots of adventures, even if it's at home or out on your travels please do join us on #ExplorerKids.


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