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Camp Wilderness Bushcraft Days

As lovers of being outdoors when we heard that Camp Wilderness were looking for families to take part in a Bushcraft Day we jumped at the chance.

The manager Jade Forbes-Wattley says: "At Camp Wilderness, we believe that going on a summer camp is a rite of passage for all children - a real chance to gain some independence, make friends and learn new skills along the way. I think we can all agree that technology is much too readily available these days, especially for children, so we love to relish any time we can spend in our beautiful extensive woodlands."

The picture above was taken last summer whilst we were camping. We've brought our kids up with the best knowledge we can of the great outdoors. They can identify wild foods, trees and mushrooms - so this will be a fun experience for them to meet other children and work as a team.

Camp Wilderness is run by the team behind The Bushcraft Company - a leading provider of bushcraft-based school trips across the UK.

On Saturday, March 25, Camp Wilderness are opening Hatfield Woods for a fun-filled, family day. We’ll be learning about camouflage and concealment, building fires to cook our own lunch, making traps and finally onto survival bracelets before heading home.

The aim is to encourage as many children as possible to come away to Camp Wilderness this summer and have the experience of a lifetime…

challenge accepted!

So, what can we expect from our day?

10am - Induction and introduction to camp

Students will take part in a fun camouflage and concealment exercise, employing team tactics and making the most of their surroundings to camouflage themselves and evade capture.

Fire Workshops and Wilderness Cookery

The students will learn basic principles of the fire triangle and put this knowledge into practice by collecting their wood and lighting fires using flint and steel. They will then learn how to cook a simple meal using seasonal ingredients over the fire they have built.

1pm - Lunch

The students will be taught why it is important to find food in remote settings, and how this has been achieved over the ages. Our instructors will demonstrate trapping methods, before each tribe designs and builds their own trap.

Camp Crafts and Survival bracelets

This is a chance for the tribes to learn about tribes, and then develop their own tribal identity. This is completed by making fun tribal flags and bracelets to take home as a memento. The day will then culminate with a final gathering around the fire to toast marshmallows departing at 4pm.

Sounds like great fun and we are really looking forward to our day at Hatfield Woods - we'll post a full review of our experience at the end of March.

In the meantime you can follow Camp Wilderness on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with news.

Open Days are as follows:

Cholmondeley Castle – Saturday 8th April, 11am until 3pm.

Penshurst Place – Sunday 30th April & Monday 1st May, 10am until 5pm on both days.

Hatfield Woods – Saturday 13th May, 11am until 3pm.

Daylesford Festival – Saturday 20th May, 10am until 5pm.

Stay wild!

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