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First Wish - handmade gifts

A couple of months ago we entered a competition to become brand-reps for First Wish - a small business who make handmade gifts and treats for little monsters to giants - all created from a mummy and daddy (Katie and Josh) and inspired by baby Lawrence Vance.

Above was my entry - and low and behold - we were chosen - along with three other families to represent the brand! Now all that was left for me to do was choose something lovely to promote!

This lovely family are based in Gwent, Wales and use super chunky wool on their hand-knitted hats. Katie asked me what the children's favourite colours were and we went from there. Here's what I received, each one separately wrapped with a hand-stamped tag with the kid's names on.

First Wish hats

I am a big fan of hats (and pompoms) - these are just perfect! I may have to get my own one soon, I love the mustard and grey combo and the coral and black one on Instagram. These are hand-knitted to order in whatever colour combinations you want. Every hat has a cute wooden heart button sewn on and a pompom too. I wanted something earthy for Finley that would bring out his big brown eyes. Shannon loves pink and Kiki loves mint green.

Great quality don't you think?!

But, knitting is not the only talent of this duo. They make a whole array of gifts from felt garlands, prints, teething rings, coat racks, mobiles, cosy sticks, bunting....

I could go on and on. The best way to check them out is on Instagram, with over 9.5K followers - Katie and Josh must be really busy. They are ever so friendly and helpful - just send them a direct message on Instagram and they'll be back to you quickly.

You can also follow their Facebook page or email them at

Please do give them a follow. I am really impressed with the quality of these hats and I can't wait to order something else. It is great to support a small family business - I too make and sell handmade dream catchers on Etsy so I appreciate all the hard work that goes into every piece made.

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