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Giant Bubbles and Butterflies

Do you ever struggle trying to figure out what to buy for your own kids - let alone for other peoples? I really do! This is where Wicked Uncle steps in - we ordered from them before Christmas and found some fantastic gifts. The gifts are categorised with suggestions by age, creativity, outdoorsy, brainiac etc - giving plenty of ideas to help us clueless adults out.

Being an outdoorsy family I browsed through the Outdoorsy section (funny that!) and found a couple of great treats for my children.

We have tried and tested Dr Zigs - Make Giant Bubbles. We have seen these at festivals and the kids go wild for them. Dr Zigs bubble mix is fully biodegradable in sunlight and doesn't use any phosphates or palm oil - the bubble wands are made from sustainably sourced wood and 100% natural untreated cotton. A percentage of the profits go to sending bubbles around the world to children affected by war, natural disaster or poverty with their award-winning project Bubbles not Bombs.

We chose a suitably warm day and headed to our local viewpoint. You will need a container such as a bucket or tub and some water. The mix is 9 parts water to 1 part bubble mixture. The rope is dipped in to the mixture and then lifted out and opened up - and viola - you have amazing giant bubbles! We put a smile on lots of people's faces and are suitably impressed and we'll take our bubbles on camping trips this summer.

Our second treat was the Live Butterfly Garden made by Insect Lore.

My three have wanted to do this for a very long time. You will receive your butterfly netted home along with a voucher code to order your caterpillars. This is simple to do online. Once the cup of caterpillars has arrived you watch them grow. It's amazing, they double in size every day until they are 10 times their original size.

Ours have just formed crysalides - we are leaving them to harden and have just moved them into their home to watch them transform before we release them.

How cool is that? I will share a picture of the development on social media as it will be at least another 10 days.

We are very impressed with the service from Wicked Uncle, the site is easy to navigate and the choice online is fantastic. I'd certainly recommend them as an easy way of choosing presents.

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