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Designing a luxurious family bathroom

Your bathroom can be one of the trickiest remodelling challenges in the house. Not only is it a highly functional space, in daily practical demand, but a beautiful bathroom is also important as a selling-point, and can raise the value of your property. But if you want a designer look? Those all important details can quickly add up. So, is there a way to get a luxury bathroom without spending a fortune? Luckily, the answer is yes, with a few tips and tricks that will give you the look you want for less.

Think Storage Solutions

Think of your ideal bathroom, no budgets considered. What does it include? Whatever you’re picturing, there’s likely to be one thing it includes that you haven’t consciously considered – and that’s space! Having acres of floorspace may not be possible, but an absence of clutter is definitely a factor in making a bathroom look high-end. If you have kids and an overflowing shower and bath packed with half-empty shampoo bottles and bath toys, can it be done? The answer lies in building clever storage solutions into the design from the outset. A counter-top sink with a vanity unit featuring drawers can swallow a lot of clutter and give a streamlined look, while a heated towel rack can replace a radiator and store towels at the same time. You could even have storage alcoves built into the walls above the bath to hide away items you don’t want on display.

Choose A Statement Piece

A great way to get the wow factor on a limited budget is to select one statement piece that will define the look of the bathroom and combine it with cheaper options elsewhere. For example, stunning lusso stone baths can take centre stage, or you may prefer to opt for a large shower enclosure with a waterfall shower or even a shower/steamroom combination. Or splash out on natural stone flooring with a patterned while economising with plain white metro tiles on the walls, which can be bought inexpensively. One eye-catching piece will set a premium-looking tone, even when you’ve budgeted carefully for everything else. You could even consider using statement wall paper in one area to give the whole room a designer look.

Source Your Suite

Check out online bathroom retailers for the best value options on suites – you’ll often find their prices are much lower than places with physical stores, although you will have to source your own bathroom fitter. There are usually big seasonal sales, so try to time your purchase for one of these events, and make sure that you sign up to lots of newsletters to be alerted on special discounts. Take the time to shop around a little and you could end up saving thousands of pounds.

Having a luxury look to the family bathroom is not impossible to achieve with a little planning and foresight – small, elegant details can give you the streamlined, polished look you’re longing to achieve, without meaning a huge cash outlay. Shop smart, and focus on the key areas, and that great looking bathroom will be yours in no time.

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