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4 ideas for a romantic weekend getaway

When you become parents it becomes a lot harder to find time for one another. It’s important that you spend quality time with each other and put some effort into your relationship but those opportunities are few and far between which means you need to make them count when you do get the chance to spend some time alone. Having regular date nights and thinking of something a bit different to do is important but sometimes, you need more than one night away from the kids. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a whole weekend away every now and again so you can rekindle your romance. Find somebody to take care of the kids for the weekend and try out one of these great weekend getaway ideas.

Rent A House

Sometimes, you don’t need to do anything major to have a great romantic weekend. It’s just nice to get away on your own for a few days and spend the weekend living like you did when you were first together, before you had the kids. That’s why renting a nice house somewhere where you can cook some nice food and watch a movie that isn’t a kids movie for once is a great idea. You can find some great places on Airbnb for pretty cheap so it’s a good option if you don’t have that much money to play with.

See Your Favourite Band

A lot of older bands are reforming these days so you might have the chance to see one of your favourite bands from when you were younger. Check out to see what’s on. Reliving your younger days with your partner is a great way to add some excitement to your relationship and you might even be able to see an aventura concert or one of your other favourite bands and relive some of your youth. Music is so good for the soul.

Be A Tourist At Home

If you’re really short on cash or you’re worried about leaving the kids and going somewhere far away, why not be a tourist at home? There are probably plenty of places that you’ve never explored in your own city so you can easily spend the weekend doing new things. Check into a hotel or a local b&b in an area of the city that you don’t usually go to and have a look around the area. You’d be surprised just how new the city can feel. Visit for some tips on how to make the most of it.


If you’re both nature lovers, there’s no better way to spend a romantic weekend together than camping. Find a nice secluded spot somewhere away from all of the stresses of modern life and pitch a tent. You still want to have a nice relaxing weekend so it’s worth spending a bit of money on a decent sized tent that you’ll be comfortable in. When you’re running a household and looking after the kids, you don’t get a chance to just stop and get some peace and quiet. Camping out in the countryside is the best way to do that.

Having a nice weekend away together gives you the chance to recharge your batteries and rekindle your relationship.

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