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Raising strong girls. Happy International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day - a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

When I became a Mum (almost 13 years ago - yikes!) I guess I presumed my daughter would be very similar in temperament to me - calm, quiet possibly on the shy side. I couldn't have been more wrong with her, yes she knows how to behave but she is feisty, intelligent and far more confident than I ever was as a child. She is stubborn she will stand her ground in an argument and she will try new things that I would have been scared to do.

We try and give our children freedom within limits to explore and be themselves and it has paid off.

My second daughter is 11 now, don't let the pink and pretty fool you. Yes she is possibly more girly than her sister and maybe a little more shy but this kid will also give anything a go. She can shoot a bow and throw an axe with pinpoint precision and she knows how to start a camp fire. She may feel nervous in front of an audience but she is able to get over that and perform.

I myself, have become stronger with age. I was a very shy kid, I didn't like trying new things. You certainly wouldn't have found me at the top of a climbing wall or abseiling - I was far too nervous. I have always been a good worker and made friends easily but I never imagined I would be my own boss.

I think the support of other people and putting myself out there gave me the confidence to work for myself. I was full of self-doubt and never believed it was something I could do. I am now enjoying my work, yes I have two jobs - I am not quite ready to become fully self-employed just yet but I am getting closer to that stage of realising that I CAN do this.

This is us. This is my team of strong girls. May they grow up to be whoever they dream to be.

The future is female.

The Future is Female

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