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A beautiful birthday in Brighton

I love Brighton! Even when it is cold, wet and windy. We took a little trip down there with my brother yesterday for Shannon's 12th birthday. It is very, well..... me! Full of quirky, bohemian shops, street art and cafe culture. I could spend hours alone just wondering through the little shops and market stalls.

Brighton old pier

We went back to the ArtBox Cafe on East Street which has transformed into Gudetama's Lazy Lounge from the Pusheen Cafe. We loved the attention to detail - everything is Sanrio themed to match the lazy egg - the food was fab! Amazing toasties and hotdogs as well as the desserts and drinks. The rhubarb and vanilla tea is very good. You do have to book on the day, so head down early to reserve a table.

Gudetama sundae Brighton

Shannon's birthday sundae, all the ice cream colours match the decor you can mix and match flavours, she chose raspberry, orange and lychee!

Gudetama Sanrio cafe Artbox Brighton

Bubble tea for the kids and a pot of vanilla and rhubarb tea for me.

Gudetama fried egg sundae

A fried egg sundae, with a peach half, cream, warm waffle pieces and ice cream.

Gudetama waffle Brighton

The waffle had mango sorbet and cream to look like Gudetama, as well as popping juice bubbles, mango and white chocolate sauce.

Gudetama Artbox cafe Brighton

Meringue nest with lemon curd, a Gudetama butt macaron, fresh fruit and ice cream.

Shan spent some of her birthday money on a poster and a badge, two dresses and an iridescent jacket that reminds me of a bubble.

We walked through the Pavilion gardens.

It rained a lot and it was freezing cold. But, the sky cleared for a while and we headed to the Palace Pier to go on the 2p machines.

The sun was starting to set.

Brighton Palace Pier sunset

We ended the day with some chips and doughnuts before driving past this Greta Thunberg - Extinction Rebellion mural it is on the corner of Montreal Road. I have to get my fix of street art and colourful doors!

Greta Thunberg mural Brighton

We even saw a rainbow.

I often feel a bit guilty that we don't do birthday parties but she told me that this has been the best birthday she has had.

Small pleasures. Happy birthday Shan!

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