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7 hobbies for outdoorsy type people

People who love the outdoors are always on the lookout for reasons to get outside again, and a great way of doing so is by taking up a hobby that takes place outside. So, if you want to experience the wind in your hair and an abundance of nature, here are seven hobbies you should consider getting stuck into.


Scootering is more than just a way of getting around – it’s an experience. Not only does it give you the chance to explore more places, from old ruins to nature reserves, but it also feels amazing riding down an empty road on your scooter. Plus, you could team up with other people who own scooters in your area and ride together. If you’re interested in getting started, head over to and take a look at their awesome selection of models.


If you prefer a more traditional way of getting around, then hiking might be a hobby for you. Hiking opens the doors to much of the world’s most beautiful pieces of nature. Whether you want to climb mountains or long trails, you will discover areas you’ve never seen before after you take up hiking. Just be sure to purchase the right gear to stay safe!

Bird Watching

Want a slightly more peaceful hobby? Look no further than bird watching. Sometimes, you’ll spend hours upon hours looking at a tree just to get a glimpse of a wild bird, but it’s always more than worth it. It’s a tranquil way of spending time in nature that provides plenty of rewards.

Landscape Painting

For creative types, you can spend more time outdoors by painting landscapes. While you can technically paint wherever you like, landscape painting often includes scenes of wide-stretched nature, which allows you to get out there for inspiration. You could set up an easel on the top of a hill and get to work creating your masterpiece while soaking up the surrounding nature.


Another excellent hobby for outdoorsy types is camping. It’s far cheaper than staying in hotels, and it puts you at one with nature. You’ll learn basic life skills, too, like cooking outdoors and figuring out how to make a shelter. Plus, there’s nothing quite as exciting as building your first campfire and toasting marshmallows.


Photography is a great hobby, especially for those who want an excuse to get outdoors more often. You could photograph architecture, plants, mountain-top views – anything at all! All you need to do is take your camera out and see where the lens takes you.


If you want to learn an awesome skill in your new hobby, then archery is perfect. While it might not come in handy during your day-to-day life, being able to perfectly hit the target after weeks of practice is a feeling like no other. Plus, having a bow and arrow just feels really cool! Have a look around for a local archery club and get started with this outdoors-based, exciting hobby.


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