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Advice on repairing air ducts and air conditioners in Frisco, Texas

The fins, coils, and filters of your AC need proper maintenance so they can function effectively, and they will last for years. When you neglect maintenance, you should expect a steady decline in the performance of your units. The usage of energy increases as your AC works harder to cool your home in Frisco, Texas.

If there are damages, the repairs should be done on time to make the AC last longer. Improve your efficiency and comfort because your AC and the ducts are cleaner after the experts have worked on them.

About the Filters

One of the essential tasks that you need to do is cleaning the filters and vents. If these are blocked by debris or too much dust, it can narrow the airflow and causes the appliance to work harder. You can always check Airview AC near Frisco Texas, if you want efficient cleaning and repairs. One of the reasons you should contact the experts is that they have the knowledge, experience, and skills to ensure that the cleaning goes smoothly.

For central units, the filters may be located in an area near the return of the ducts. Their locations may be in ceilings, walls, or in the appliance itself. They have a filter mounted at the grill area facing the rooms. If you're unsure where to look, you can contact your local technician in Frisco for more information.

Most of the filters may be reusable, and others may need replacement every few months. If the manufacturer advises you to do a replacement every month or two, then follow them, especially during summers. Air conditioners and vents that are constantly in use may gather pet dander, dust, pollen, mould, and mildew to trigger allergies to the home occupants. This is why it's essential to make them clean as much as possible.


The condenser or evaporator coils are prone to collect dust and dirt over months of service. Cleaning the coils prevents them from soiling fast. Whether you use the appliance frequently or not, the coils tend to collect dirt, and there will be a reduction in their ability to absorb heat from the room. You can avoid this issue when you have experts check your units at least twice a year so that they can do repairs and maintenance whenever necessary.

The outdoor coils in the condenser need special care. Since they are outside, they are exposed to the environment outdoors, and they tend to collect more debris, especially if they are near foliage. If you notice that dirt is becoming too much on the fins, it may be time to call someone who can do a deep cleaning on your outdoor unit.

It's essential to minimize debris and dirt on the condenser. Your vents should be clear from failing leaves and water. Trim the foliage back by at least two feet or position the outdoor unit in another location to give it adequate airflow.

Condensate Drains

Occasionally passing a stiff wire through the condensate drains can help unclog the debris on them. Read more about the condensate drains on this page here. You may have plenty of headaches with clogged drains, and they won't reduce the humidity inside your rooms. As a result, you may not feel the cooling effect of the air conditioner, and there will be excess moisture that can cause discoloration to the carpets and walls.

Seals for the AC

At the start of the summer season, it's essential to inspect the seals for the windows and make sure that they come in contact with the case of your appliance. It would be best if you don't allow cool air to escape, which can be prevented by sealed frames and gaps.


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