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Bedroom switcheroo

*Collaborative post*

At the beginning of lockdown the girls had been chatting about sharing a bedroom again. We are a family of 5 who live in a two-bedroom flat, not ideal, but we've managed to make it work for us.

When the kids were little they all shared the big bedroom but as Keira started high school in 2017, she really needed more privacy. She moved into the small bedroom, which meant myself and my husband bought a sofa bed and have slept in the living room ever since.

The girls are now both at high school - so between them they decided it would be best to move into the same room giving their little brother the small bedroom.

The small room had been painted and wallpapered the previous year so we just added a few shelves and pictures to make it more his style.



The girls painted two walls blue and each added their own pictures. The wardrobe was painted white and the bedside table was painted grey.

Both rooms are in need of new flooring. At the time we didn't have a budget for it so we used second-hand laminate flooring. I have actually been looking at engineered wood flooring. This is a great alternative to laminate flooring. Engineered wood has a high-quality finish and looks like solid wood but is lower maintenance and more durable.

It is created from real wood, but rather than being one plank of pure wood, it is constructed from multiple layers of different timber. The top layer being the highest quality, all the layers are fused and compressed together under intense pressure, creating an extremely stable floorboard.

To tie in with downstairs we would go for a grey colour. Grey looks light and modern and basically goes with every other colour.

There is still a long way to go - we are planning to gradually do one room at a time.


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