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Bluebell walks local to Caterham

It's that time of year when the bluebells are starting to appear in the local woodlands. We are extremely lucky in Caterham and the surrounding areas that there are plenty of places nearby that have magical displays year after year.

If you looking for the best bluebell woods in the UK their is a huge list on Big Family Little Adventures covering all of the counties.

The woodland by Caterham School and by the viewpoint are carpeted with bluebells in late April and throughout May. It's a great spot to walk or cycle and take a picnic. There are some parking spots on Gravelly Hill just off of Tupwood Scrubs in Caterham. You can also walk up Harestone Valley Road right to the end passing Caterham School and walk up through the woods. We like to follow the path back up to the viewpoint, under a canopy of Elm trees.

You'll find a small area of woodland at the top of Tillingdown Hill just past the Beechwood Road park in Caterham valley - this is also a nice little spot to sit quietly amongst the bluebells.

Happy Valley is also a great local spot to see bluebells if you venture down the grassy hills into the woods at the top. Parking is best behind the Fox Pub off of the Coulsdon Road, on the Caterham/Old Coulsdon border.

Manor Park is a great area to spot bluebells. You can park in the main car park at the bottom of Burntwood Lane near Wapses Lodge roundabout. If you walk right to the far end of the park you'll reach some woodland that back onto Portley Wood Road.

In Chaldon, the woodlands off of Roffes Lane and Stanstead Road, near the Harrow Pub, are also very picturesque with bluebells.

A road that runs behind Godstone Farm called The Enterdent is another of our favourites locally.


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