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Boho earrings for multiple cartilage piercings

Multiple ear piercings are very trendy right now. But where can you buy boho style cartilage earrings from? We've got you covered with some beautiful style boho ear jewellery. Common cartilage piercing types include helix piercings, daith piercings, conch and tragus piercings. Other popular cartilage ear piercings are the forward helix, rook, snug, orbital and industrial piercings. Labret studs, helix chains and clicker hoops are the sort of earrings you will need to create a cool boho stacked earring look. I currently have a double forward helix and have been searching for some cool earrings.

Affiliate links below - I earn some commission from Etsy ay no extra cost to the buyer

Umay Jewelry

beautiful style boho cartilage earrings and chains

Umay Jewelry is a jewellery atelier established in 2021 by a women who, after spending the last five years apprenticing on the streets of the Grand Bazaar in Turkey, in hidden passages, and alongside master artisans, succumbed to the beauty of what she discovered.

Enchant by Erika

The creation of Enchant Jewelry was based on a collective belief that finishing touches are what makes an immaculate cohesive ear stack. Inspired by modern day accessorising, the designer wanted to build a selection of earrings that cater towards the art of ear curation – accent pieces that can be worn in any piercing and styled in an endless number of ways.

beautiful style boho cartilage earrings and chains

Tribu London

beautiful style boho cartilage earrings and chains

Tribu are a London based jewellery company, founded in 1998, for more than 25 years they have been dedicated to their passion - jewellery with a story.

Their brand philosophy is built on the premise that style is born from individuality. Throughout the years their pieces have also been featured in a number of modern films and fashion productions.

Opal Kobus

beautiful style boho cartilage earrings and chains

Opal Kobus make a wide range of belly bars and labrets with a very wide selection of different gems and crystals.

Dainty Ave

beautiful style boho cartilage earrings and chains

Dainty Ave Jewelry strives on filling your piercings with creativity. With exceptional craftsmanship, created by using high quality jewellery of 14K solid gold, a precious metal of .925 sterling silver, a long lasting of 316L surgical steel, and fashionable sparkle of brass - Dainty Ave focuses on creating dainty and delicate jewellery for every day wear.

April Lilies

beautiful style boho cartilage earrings and chains

April Lilies sells handcrafted jewellery designs and utilises semi precious gemstones, gold filled, plated and sterling silver metals to create something special. They specialise in dainty and comfortable jewellery pieces that are meant to last.


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