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Coronavirus diaries - a month of lockdown

Schools closed for the forseeable future on March 20th, 2020 due to Coronavirus, Covid-19. It is now April 23rd. We have adapted pretty well to our new way of living.

The Easter holidays were okay - Lee was off work as he had already booked annual leave. Having all five of us indoors was weird, I am used to a bit of space - escaping when I need to. I did go for a couple of walks during this time, not far just 10 minutes away to the woods.

School work was starting to pile up for the girls, I hadn't been too strict with it during that first week and it just kept coming. We managed to catch up with it on Sunday and so far, they have all been keeping on top of their daily tasks.

I have learnt a lot in trying to help them out with their school work: biology, fractions, volumes of shapes, the Vietnam War, Shakespeare, Bloody Mary the list is vast. The teachers are now teaching via an app called Loom (not Zoom) which is great as they explain the lesson and can give examples of how to complete the work.

We kind of have a system in place, Finley tends to do his work first, then Shannon, then Keira, then me. We only have one fast computer so we are all sharing it.

My boy has been listening to his teacher read stories daily, doing Maths, writing and spellings as well as playing Minecraft (a lot).

Our Vitamin D comes from walking the dog in the beautiful sunshine, we don't have a garden so can't sit outside. We have run out of vitamins and I think we need to top up (they recommended it on the news this morning that everybody should be taking vitamin D).

The lockdown is unlikely to be lifted any time soon. Over 18,000 people in the UK have lost their lives. It ill be reviewed in 3 weeks time.

Our days have been lazy, sleeping in, baking more, slow walks, completing work, drawing. We take it in turns to pick up food, supermarket staff are wearing PPE now. I am having a box of fruit and vegetables delivered tomorrow morning through a small local business who pick straight from the market in the early hours of the morning.

I have so many plans indoors to finish decorating but need to be sensible with our money as I have had less work coming in.

At the moment we are content, boredom is not an issue, the kids seem to understand that we can't go out and see family - thank God for the internet! Imagine if this had happened in the 90s!

PS - the sky is the bluest I have ever seen it - the world is healing.


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