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Easy DIY Minecraft shelves

My son literally is Minecraft obsessed. He loves the game, he watches the YouTubers, he eagerly awaits the updates. During lockdown, after a discussion with the girls, he swapped bedrooms with his sister. He was reluctant at first but after a bit of bribing and a promise to add some little Minecraft features, he agreed.

Painting shelves as Minecraft blocks

We had two beech CD shelves from Ikea which used to be my brothers which were perfect for upcycling. One shelf was painted in Pebble grey mineral paint, I use this paint as it only takes one coat to cover and I had some left over from when I had upcycled our table. Once the shelf was dry I used a black marker pen to draw in some Minecraft style bricks using one of his toys for reference.

DIY painted Minecraft shelving

The next shelf was attached to the wall vertically and painted with black acrylic paint. The inspiration behind this was the Enderman. Again, once the shelf was dry I painted on some rectangular eyes in a pink/purple acrylic paint.

DIY painted Minecraft shelving - Enderman
DIY painted Minecraft shelving - Enderman

We had two very cheap cube shelves that I think I originally bought in Poundstretcher. These were painted with the grey mineral paint and left to dry. I then painted the inside of one in red acrylic to look like a lava block. Once this had dried I added yellow and orange squares using acrylics. The second shelf was painted cobalt blue inside so it looked like lapis lazuli, again I added some squares in lighter blue and grey paint.

DIY painted Minecraft block shelf - Lava Block

DIY painted Minecraft block shelf - Lapis Lazuli

There is a foam diamond sword on the wall, this came from Comic Con last year. We have also hung the Ender Dragon from the ceiling using fishing wire.

The room is still not entirely finished. We need to cover the ceiling as there were polystyrene tiles that were taken off. I am considering wood effect wallpaper to cover that. I am also going to paint on the fabric Ikea boxes to look like Minecraft characters.

DIY painted Minecraft shelves


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