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Eco-friendly products from Jungle Culture

[Ad - Jungle Culture kindly sent me these products to review]

I have always had a thing for bamboo and natural looking decor, years ago a bought some drilled coconut shell fairy lights from Camden Market and my collection is slowly growing. With our focus on using less plastic and caring for our planet we have made a lot of more eco-friendly switches in our lifestyle. From rescuing fruit and veggies to using plastic-free laundry capsules and shopping second-hand where we can - as a family we are trying our best.

The kind folk over at Jungle Culture, a company who source ethically-made, sustainable products, have sent me some of their plastic-free products to try out. I love Jungle Culture's ethos and already have some of their products, so I was thrilled to receive this little self-care package.

Eco-friendly bathroom

We have already made some switches in the bathroom including our toothbrushes, deodorant and soap bars. I am now the owner of an eco-friendly safety razor - in mint green (my favourite colour). Each sustainable safety razor has a textured grip and extra long chrome handle, it comes with a natural jute travel bag and a lovely sturdy gift box. The Shark double edge razor blades are produced using high-quality stainless steel, I am used to using these type of blades and they create a really close shave once you get the hang of it.

I have also been testing out their shaving soap bar in charcoal and black pepper. These soaps are handmade in Vietnam using cruelty-free, palm-oil free and chemical-free ingredients. The aroma is fresh but with a warming peppery background and it gives a good lather for use with the safety razor.

Eco-friendly kitchen

We already have some beautiful coconut bowls and bamboo straws and this bamboo cutlery set makes a lovely addition. These sets are completely handmade and organic, and each reusable cutlery set piece is hand carved by skilled artisans in Vietnam. The jute presentation bag means that you can easily transport your cutlery set by rolling it up, so it would be perfect to take on a picnic or camping trip. My one is in a marine blue jute bag and it contains a serrated bamboo knife, bamboo fork, and a bamboo tablespoon as well as a bamboo straw and coconut fibre straw cleaning brush (which has a cute little green tip on the end).

Eco-friendly candle

Lastly, and possibly my favourite thing is the coconut shell candle. These candles are made using 100% organic and natural coconut shells which are reclaimed after being harvested for their milks and oils for use in other products. They are filled with vegan friendly soy wax and have a rich toasted coconut scent. It came in an organic cotton gift bag and a printed kraft paper box. The candle has a 45-50hr burn time and the wick is a wooden one. The scent filled the room and the candle looks wonderful on the shelf.

I am so in love with these products. I am currently updating some of our decor and it all fits in perfectly with my bamboo shelves and jungle style plants. All of these small changes support developing communities, providing an income for the farmers and in turn also help to protect our planet.


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