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Famous art recreated #gettymuseumchallenge

One of the pieces of homework that we have enjoyed the most during lockdown is recreating famous works of art. Basically, this involves using yourself as a piece of living art and recreating the painting or sculpture. There are some pretty funny ones online.

I was then told by a friend that there was a challenge called the Getty Museum Challenge where people were creating works of art whilst in quarantine using items that they found at home - tagging them on Twitter and Instagram as #gettymuseumchallenge.

Anyhoo, both of my daughters were set this by their art teacher. Keira chose to do the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo - this is a portrait of the artist. She did the makeup herself with the iconic thick black eyebrows. Friday Kahlo was considered to be one of Mexico's greatest artists who began painting mostly self-portraits after she was severely injured in a bus accident. She did a lot of surrealist style paintings in the 1940s. The pictures were split and put together using Photoshop - I love the symmetry!

Art recreated #gettymuseumchallenge Frida Kahlo

Recreate art Friday Kahlo #gettymuseumchallenge

Shannon went for: an impressionist painting called Child with Cat (Julie Manet) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1887. Our cat was not playing ball so we did our best. The background was changed with Adobe Photoshop by cutting around my daughter and moving her onto the background then cloning in any extra bits of background to blend it in.

Art recreated Child with Cat Julie Manet by Pierre-Auguste Renoir #gettymuseumchallenge

Above is a comparison of the two, see below for the original and our effort with Beau the cat almost sitting still.

Art recreated Child with Cat by Renoir #gettymuseumchallenge

You can check out the #gettymuseumchallenge on Instagram here.


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