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Finding time for an interior revamp

*Collaborative post*

During the last four months of lockdown many people have been using all that extra time at home to complete all those decorating projects that many of us don't often find the time for.

We have gradually been finishing bits off here and there but we still have lots to do! One of the things that we really need to tackle upstairs is the flooring. It is looking incredibly shabby, almost to the point of embarrassment.

When we first moved in we naively replaced the old carpets with cream carpets - big mistake! It didn't take long for these to be ruined, when the girls were toddlers they emptied to pots of dark green eye shadow over their bedroom carpet, that stain never did come out!

Years later we managed to get some second hand laminate flooring on Freecycle. It was slightly damaged but it was a welcome improvement to the stained carpets. We used the laminate flooring on the landing and in both bedrooms. Being second-hand in the first place it was not the best looking and parts of it had warped.

I love the look and feel of solid wood flooring so gradually we are hoping to do one room at a time. The landing would be a great place to start as it is a small area and probably the most neglected looking part of our home at the moment.

The beauty of solid wood flooring is that it looks fantastic. It is also available in a huge variety of different wood species that vary in colour, grain, strength, pattern and cost. This flooring gives a beautiful rustic feel to the home and it can last a lifetime without having to be replaced. The grey or white finishes will give that Scandi look which are so popular at the moment.

To add to aesthetics and make the landing actually look presentable, I would also love to add some faux panelling to the walls and a few nice poster prints.

Have you guys been up to any home improvements during lockdown?


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