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How to beautify your property

Whether you’re looking to get your property on the market, or you’re just going for a fresh new look, redecorating and renovating your home can be a challenge. Figuring out where to start with rejuvenating your tired looking house is an important decision, and we’re going to give you some inspiration to help you to decide.

Curtains And Windows Making sure your curtains and windows are of a good quality is very important when it comes to improving the appearance of your home. Windows can be major factor in boosting your curb appeal to potential buyers. If someone can see that they definitely won’t have to replace windows anytime soon after buying, it can be encouraging when it comes to them making an offer. In particular, double hung windows work really well and are stylish in the way that both sashes can move. Some versions allow both the top and bottom sash to swing open for increased ventilation. Try to keep your curtains or blinds up to date with current trends. Don’t forget, keeping your windows clean will only serve to enhance their look too. Fingerprints and smudges can really detract from the look of your brand new windows!

Exterior One of the first things people will take note of when looking at your home is the exterior itself. Is your brickwork clean? Do the colours go well with the surrounding neighbourhood? Are your walls and gates in disrepair? Take all these questions into account when assessing what to fix and change outside your home. Consider a lick of paint if needed or replace broken and unsightly guttering. If you’re looking to stand out from the commonplace brickwork of your neighbourhood, you could look into switching everything up with a sleek new look altogether. Modern materials such as wood cladding can be a fantastic look for your property. Companies such as Shou-Sugi-Ban specialise in Japanese wood burning, which can give your home a unique finish.

Doors Similarly to your windows, a fresh and appealing look for your front door can really boost the interest of buyers. You should also consider that you’re likely going to be using your door every day. You’re going to want it to at least look good! Don’t forget that you need to ensure that your doors either match or complement the look of your windows. Try to avoid picking contrasting colours or materials. If you did choose wooden cladding for example, consider going with a door of the same type.

Driveways And Front Gardens If the frontage to your home is a mess, people may be led to the assumption that the interior of your home is too. Regardless of how much more effort you put into keeping the place spotless inside, there is a chance that a potential buyer won’t even take the time to book a viewing if they can see junk and broken walls/gates. You could be missing out on some great offers! Consider repaving driveways and sprucing up garden areas, no matter how small they are. If you only have a tiny frontage, there are still plenty of things you can do to improve it, such as placing hanging baskets and some stylish light-fittings.

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