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How to create a garden for all seasons

Are you thinking of improving your garden space so you can get more out of it? Then it may be worth making a few key changes that will allow you to use it all year round. But where do you start?

Here are three things to consider.

The Patio

It’s nice to have a proper multi-purpose space in the garden. A place to sit, eat, entertain, and relax. That’s why a patio area is so useful to have. You may not already have a patio space, so this is certainly something to consider installing. Patio laying prices vary, depending on the size of the area you’re planning to use, and whether you are happy to do the work yourself, but will certainly reward with an all year-round space.

As the weather isn’t always on our side, there are plenty of options to make your patio more practical. Sun shades, canopies and gazebos are becoming more and more popular with families looking to spend more time outside. Modern and stylish options range from bespoke wood to coated metal frames with shower-proof canopies.

When picking your furniture for the patio area, look for materials that will withstand the seasons and need less maintenance. Benches with storage underneath make it easy to stash away seat cushions and throws when you’ve finished using them.

The plants

If you’re planning to spend more time outdoors, then planting for year-round colour is important to think about. Spring and summer flowers are great but planting evergreen shrubs will give you greenery throughout the colder months.

Think about planting trees such as Acers, which provide vibrant reds in autumn, or ornamental grasses which will provide a variety of colours. For winter months, try Cyclamen and Snowdrops which will flower year after year.

A summer house

A summer house doesn’t have to be for just the summer, it can provide a perfect year-round retreat in your garden. They come in many sizes and styles - you could even opt for having your summer house octagonal shaped - to add that wow factor. Prices of summer houses vary, depending on what you want to use it for. But if it’s just going to be an extra bit of space to relax in, perhaps to read a book for a few hours, then it really doesn’t have to cost too much.

In fact, you could upgrade an old garden shed. By simply replacing the shed door with a glazed one, and giving it a cheerful lick of paint, you can create your own summer house. All you need to add is a seat and a few accessories!


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