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Maintaining luxury vinyl flooring

When vinyl flooring first makes its way into your home one thought will cross you mind; how long is it going to stay this nice? Well, the good news is that it can be forever, if you maintain it properly, which isn’t difficult, expensive or time consuming. Just follow these simple steps….

Brush up

Prior to any sort of cleaning process, brushing up debris and dirt is vital so that it isn’t spread around. Soil and mud easily make their way into our homes so make sure they’re brushed back out and use a soft cloth for skirting boards or hard-to-get corners.


If you have a large floor space, then hoovering may be the preference to capture debris quickly. However, if you do find yourself looking for ways to make life easier, then prevent the cause of damage to your floor by adapting a beater bar to the hoover. This is an easy solution to a potentially very big problem such as scratching or chipping.

Mop and dry

Now you’ve halved the workload, it’s time for the real cleaning to begin. The brilliant thing about vinyl flooring is that expensive floor cleaning solutions are futile. A simple soap and warm water solution will do. If you prefer one with a slight fragrance, lemongrass, lavender and cotton are lovely home scents.

What to avoid

As previously we have just explored, cleaning vinyl flooring doesn’t require harsh products. So, avoid bleach as it can increase potential stickiness and retains dust and dirt more easily.

Catch stains quick

When a stain hits luxury vinyl flooring, it shouldn’t leave behind any kind of mark thanks to the super Scratch Guard technology built in. However, just in case, its good to know how to tackle them. So, just grab a warm cloth with soap on, dampen the area and leave for 15 minutes – viola! Your flooring is in the no risk zone.

Vinyl flooring loves being cared for

Now you have seen how easy it is to clean vinyl flooring, why wouldn’t you want to install one? Amtico Spacia is a beautifully, handcrafted range of wooden styles vinyl floorings which can work for domestic or commercial spaces and make then look amazing. Luvanto offers the same durability, with a luxurious design ranges which offers parquet, herringbone and border layering options. Choosing a flooring that does more, means you do less cleaning.


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