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Smart locks with fingerprint technology

Technology has come a long way since I was a kid. Even my daughters' pay for their lunch at the school canteen with their thumbprint! It still amazes me that I can log in to apps on my phone just using my thumbprint - amazing.

A year ago we had a new front and back door fitted at home to comply with fire safety rules. Living in flats we feel fairly secure but I have heard about some new smart locks that sound really interesting. Currently myself and my husband and my girls have keys as they often get back from high school before I get home with our son. Our front door lock can be quite a pain to open sometimes and we have had to go to the upstairs back door and get in that way before when it is playing up.

My husband is a caretaker at a school so he has to carry a huge ring of keys about with him all day - with technology advancing quicker and quicker these days, I came across door handles which open using fingerprints.

A company called Aura Locks are ahead of the times bringing fingerprint recognition and enhanced encryption to your home. They have launched a line of smart locks which gives you all the benefits of high-end smart security without the risks. The design is also minimalist and modern looking in a sleek black metal design. My brother was burgled in his flat last year so we know first hand the benefits of a good home security system.

How many times have you forgotten your keys? I'm guilty of this - I have done it a fair few times. We once borrowed a ladder from our neighbour (who is a window cleaner) and had to climb up one storey and, like Spiderman, my husband managed to pull open the window and climb through to let us back in.

Another thing I can remember as a child, was my Dad often forgetting whether he had locked the front door. We'd all get into the car, he'd start driving, then he'd suddenly stop half way down the road. "Wait! Did I lock the door?" - of course none of us kids ever paid attention. So he'd drive back, pull up and check. The smart locks can detect when a door closes and automatically locks it after three seconds.

So, with a smart lock you wouldn't need to worry about keys again - you can programme in the fingerprints of everyone in your family, you can actually programme up to 100 users, so it would work well in a work place. These locks are unique as they are offline, other smart locks require an app or cloud access or offer online features which could make your home vulnerable to hackers. Aura Locks operates using fingerprint recognition and Bluetooth wireless connections, encrypting all the information that comes through your devices.

The range of locks are made from tough, durable metals meaning that they are impossible to break through using physical force, adding that all important extra bit of peace of mind to your home security. It is run via a long-lasting battery which takes 30 minutes to charge and the battery lasts a whole year.

You can even fit them yourself simply with a screwdriver in around five minutes, no drilling or wiring is needed so you won't have to pay a locksmith.

These seem like the way forward and a great investment to protect your home. There are often discounts available and believe it or not the prices are very reasonable indeed. Plus it is one less thing to have to worry about - which is always a good thing!

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Oct 25, 2021

Locksmith NJ has replaced the old locks with these smart locks. These locks are so easy to operate and one can use them through their phones also.


Oct 05, 2021

Fingerprint locks can add great security because these locks recognises only the fingerprint of the selected people which restricts the entry of strangers in your home and office. Make use of these locks to improve security and locksmith can help you installing those door locks.

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