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Top trending spa treatments this Autumn/Winter season

After the longest time, throughout the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, whereby people across the country were unable to visit their favourite spas, salons, hairdressers and beauty parlours, research has shown record numbers of bookings and sales from businesses in the industry since society has reopened.

Spa treatments are by no means only beneficial to your physical health, but they also positively influence your mental health and wellbeing, as well. Continue reading to learn about some of the top trending spa treatments for the upcoming autumn/winter season.

Dry Floatation

Dry floatation is one of the most popular and raved-about spa treatments of this year so far, and it provides a host of amazing benefits to the mind, body and soul.

Recently described as ‘physical dreaming’, dry floatation treatment enables you to relax in complete and utter weightlessness and is often combined with a sensory experience with relaxing lighting and sounds.

Dry flotation is one of the most relaxing and calming treatments available and is also beneficial for the ease of stress on joints and muscles, and in promoting a deeper and easier sleep.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is specifically designed to provide intensive, expert pressure to alleviating muscle strains, injuries and other musculoskeletal issues. Professional massage therapists, such as those who you will find if you search online for massage Oxfordshire, will apply continuous pressure which targets the internal layers of the muscles and connective tissues with measured and deep-seated strokes.

You will experience many benefits by undergoing a deep-seated massage. Repeated sessions have been proven to improve posture, successfully treat muscle spasms, detoxify the body, improve blood circulation and release tension and stress. Deep tissue massages are also known to prevent certain repetitive strain injuries, reduce feelings of low mood and anxiety and contribute to a person’s overall physical health.

Seaweed Body Wrap

A seaweed body wrap perhaps does not sound like the most enticing option, but it can be one of the most effective and advantageous spa treatments of them all, due to the numerous benefits that the seaweed mixture can give to your body.

Essentially, a seaweed body wrap is a thick paste – consisting of seaweed and other micronized plants – that is applied to your entire body (excluding your face) and then covered with a warm blanket or plastic film. The paste is left on for approximately half an hour before being washed off in warm water.

Seaweed body wraps are fantastic for reducing the appearance of cellulite, moisturising your entire body, removing dead skin particles, encouraging skin regeneration and elasticity, and even the improvement of body contouring.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

A Dead Sea mud mask is one of the most luxurious facial treatments possible and is renowned for drawing all the impurities and harmful toxins out of your skin.

The mud, which is authentically sourced from the Middle Eastern Dead Sea, is used for its legendary anti-inflammatory properties due to the high content and concentration of sodium and magnesium. Dead Sea masks are especially good for people with psoriasis and other skin conditions.


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