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Why you should always have flushable wipes for men when camping

Spending time in nature is a real blessing. If you can afford to go camping, backpacking, or hiking, it's something you shouldn't miss. Yet, there is also the less beautiful side of staying outdoors. As the main downside, most people struggle with the impossibility of maintaining hygiene.

Sweat and unpleasant odours are common, especially if you are active while being in nature. It's pretty hard to stay fresh and clean all the time. True, any outdoor adventure does not last longer than a few days. You can be without a shower and hot water for a while. But that does not mean you cannot maintain at least some level of hygiene.

When showering is not possible, body wipes can be of great help. If you have Below The Belt flushable wipes for men, it's like you have a pocket shower. You'll get your body clean on the go. Men will appreciate this product because only they know how painful it is when sweating causes irritation and itching down there.

Take the ‘Shower’ with You

If you are an adventurist, going into nature for you is like going to a playground for a kid. You will probably want to visit a lot of places and do many things. And that means you'll constantly be on the move. One day you can be on the cliffs, the next day by the lake, and the day after, who knows where you'll be.

No matter how beautiful these places are, you will not always be able to jump into the water and refresh yourself. Packing full body wipes does not take up more space than a small towel. You can always take one larger package in your backpack. Pocket packs are even more practical if you go on day trips, a picnic, or fishing.

At any time, with a few wipes, you can get rid of sweat, dirt, and odours. Most of these cleansing products are mild for your skin. That means they do not contain parabens and alcohol, ingredients that have been proven to dry out the skin. After using these wipes, you will not have to wash anything off.

On the page below you can see how to prevent excessive sweating while doing outdoor activities:

Single-Packs Offer More Convenient Use

If you’ve used wet wipes before, you know that with bigger packages, pulling out wipes can be a problem. You reach for one, and several come out. In these situations, it is not advisable to return tissues to the packaging because you have already contaminated them. They are mostly unusable after that.

Individually wrapped packs are a great thing. If you need one wipe, you will take one pack. If you need a few, you will take a few. Of course, you can also bring a single package of 10 or 20 tissues. But you have to be careful not to ‘use’ them all at once.

They Are Eco-Friendly

Using the toilet in nature is a tricky thing. If you have a motorhome or stay on a camp site, you have the option of using a makeshift or portable toilet. But if you are in the middle of a forest, you have to manage somehow. You don't have to worry about wiping down there if you brought wet wipes with you.

It is advisable to look for those that are flushable, or better yet, biodegradable. For an explanation of biodegradability look here. When you throw regular tissues or cellulose paper in the toilet, they won’t degrade. It will probably take ages for cellulose fibres to tear apart. But if you use biodegradable wet wipes, you won't pollute the beautiful surroundings.

You Can Use Them for Whole Body

Wet wipes for body cleansing are antibacterial. You may think that there are not many bacteria and viruses in nature, but things are not that simple. Microorganisms can be found everywhere, from trees to your backpack.

For example, after using the toilet on a camp site, even after washing your hands, a vast number of bacteria can remain on your skin. You could pick them up from the doorknob or sink. Using antibacterial soap after washing hands will significantly reduce the number of harmful microorganisms on your skin.

Apart from the fact that you can use wipes to freshen up, you can also use them instead of toilet paper. Body wipes for men often contain nourishing ingredients, such as aloe vera. So they are safe for use on sensitive skin, such as the genital region.

Whole-body wet wipes are multifunctional and very affordable. You can use them in any situation whenever you need a quick refresh, not just when you are outdoors. And when you are already enjoying all the delights of nature, try not to damage it. Always use biodegradable cleaning tissues.


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