Second hand rocks!

January 10, 2015

I have to say - some of the best outfits my kids have had the pleasure of wearing have been second hand, hand-me-downs and eBay bargains.

I have never shyed away from hand-me-downs - even when I was having my first baby. When I was expecting Keira I still had a full-time job, so popping into Monsoon or Zara on my lunchbreak and spending £30 on a cute dress didn't seem like a huge deal. I saved all Keira's baby clothes and all were re-worn by her little sister, but I also met a great circle of friends who passed down clothes from their own families.

Little Fin has pretty much lived off hand-me-downs - and all of them have been great quality, cute shirts from Zara and Next, coats, shoes - all very much appreciated.

I also love eBay. My Mum came home one day with a lime green little girls raincoat from the charity shop, We checked the label - it was Catimini, a French designer brand. We googled them and fell in love with the brand - all be it expensive. We managed to get the mathcing absinthe scarf and hat to match the coat.

Through my eBay searching I also discovered the Dutch brand Mim Pi. OMG.... their clothes are awesome. My first bargain purchase was a denim jacket with knitted sleeves and pompoms for about £4. I then bid on the matching skirt, hat and scarf. The clothes are so colourful - a lady stopped us in the street and said 

we'd cheered up her day with our colourful clothes.

Both are expensive brands but if you do some online searching you can find bargains.

Team up the odd fashion splurge, with charity shop bargains. Or buy staples such as leggings and t-shirts from supermarkets - leaving a little extra for something you love!



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Hello, I'm Sarah. Part of a family of 5 who can often be found foraging in the woods or camping at a festival. I love anything boho and am rarely without my camera.

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