Trying out CBD oil - how did I get on?

June 24, 2019

[Ad] I was given a bottle of CBD oil for free in exchange for this post - it is entirely honest.


I am not sure how I come across to people on the outside? Calm, quiet, kind, down to earth - "Nothing phases you" is a phrase I often hear. Over the years though I have noticed that my anxiety has gotten worse, not that I have ever been formerly diagnosed as having anxiety, but I know it is something I suffer from.


The pressure of being self employed is some of the cause of it - praying that I get enough work in to get us by, working every day, not taking a holiday - it can be overwhelming and very stressful. I fret over very small things and overthink everything, my brain can't switch off. Recently, our teen has not been wanting to go to school, she gets so upset every night and every morning before school, she had developed anxiety too and we are trying our best to help her through it.


I have heard so many good things about CBD oil and its benefits not only for pain but also for anxiety and depression too. Cannubu have kindly sent me a 500mg bottle of 5% CBD oil to try out. The CBD oil is made using the finest quality European cannabis plants and is produced via super critical CO2 extraction using the entire plant, including the flowers, leaves and branches. It does not contain the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is found in weed - so you will not get high from using it also making it legal.

Anyway, I am a goody-two-shoes - I tend to go for natural products and rarely even take pain killers - I have tried homeopathy before but CBD oil is new to me. I have been told by a few people I have met before that they do use CBD oil and it really helps them out a lot particularly with anxiety. Here are my thoughts:



The CBD oil arrived, a small bottle with a dropper, inside a cardboard tube. Today had been a very stressful day. I had work to get done in the morning, my daughter had another bad morning of not wanting to go to school, I had to pick her up at lunchtime for a doctors appointment meaning I also had to lose my shift working at lunchtime. I decided to take 1 drop at 2.30pm. You can take one drop between 1 to 3 times daily. You drop it on your tongue. Okay, I am not going to lie it doesn't taste great but not unpleasant, to me a bit like the bottom of a cup of green tea mixed with nettles, random I know. I had to then go and pick my other two up from school. Wow, I don't actually remember a time where I felt this sense of inner-calm - it was like a weight had been lifted from inside my head. A feeling of clarity - zero stress. Usually after we are home from school I feel very frazzled and have little patience on the inside but I felt great. 



Another stressful morning here, daughter in tears not wanting to go in - managed to convince her but felt awful. I took a drop at 9.30am - some of the worry had gone within 30 minutes, I felt I could concentrate better and got on with my work. I also feel less tense in general - it wasn't total relief but really took the edge off of my anxiety. I had another drop that evening, for some reason Friday evenings often stress me out - but tonight I felt good.



We were off to a festival this morning to review it for another website. I often feel really pressured to do a  good job, to photograph everything, to try out every activity going. Today I took a drop at around 10am before we left. Again I noticed that I felt a lot calmer inside myself, nothing niggled on my mind like it usually would and I really enjoyed the day.



Today we were planning to go to Wimbledon to a celebration at a crystal shop where there would be lots going on, I could see how tired everybody was. Usually I would fret about this, if I have my mind set on doing something I don't feel good if things don't go to plan and feel like I have let people down. I decided myself that we would give it a miss and I am so glad we had a chilled out day at home.



We are back to our usual routine of eldest not wanting to go to school, she is tired, she wants to stay in bed. We manage to persuade her to get ready and everyone gets out the door on time. I have lots of work to do today too. I took my drop at 9.30am and managed to sit and get on with my work without feeling distracted about the day ahead. One thing I have also noticed is a feel less tightly-wound, even in my face I feel like my face is relaxed and I am frowning less!



I have noticed a benefit from taking a drop each morning, it really does help calm for the day and the effect seems to last into the afternoon for me.


This could turn into an essay but I can honestly say, I have felt the benefits even from just using a drop a day (sometimes another in the evening). My head feels clearer, as a person I do feel much calmer and less worried about things. To all of those people who have told me that they use it - I can totally see why! It may be expensive for what seems to be a little bottle but I am certain it would last over a month.


This is something I would continue using, maybe saving it for particularly stressful days but I can really see the benefit from daily use.



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