Hello, I'm Sarah, welcome to my little space on the internet. I am a wife and mum to three kids, a cat and a sprollie.

Kippers and Curtains? Seems like a weird name right?! It basically  means that you try to look well off (nice curtains at your window) but in reality you don't have much money (eating kippers). I write my blog about things we enjoy doing as a family - we get by on a very tight budget but still have fun - hopefully we can inspire others to do the same. We live in Surrey, South East England and love exploring the great outdoors, camping, going to festivals and having wild adventures.

So please stop by and explore by clicking on the Kippers and Curtains button below.

Kippers and Curtains blog
Instagram - Our wedding.jpg
Instagram - Fields of gold! #barley #field
Instagram - What childhood is all about!
Instagram - Running in the #lavender
Instagram - Our #wedding #tipi #teepee #bohowedding #festivalbrides
We have our car back on the road after many months. So we took a walk around Limpsfield Chart after
Instagram - #latergram #towerwood #reddress

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