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Our Bohemian Wedding on a shoestring budget

Let me take you back to the September of 1997 - I was 16 years old, I had just started an Art and Design course at college, and one Saturday night I was invited to the pub by my friend who was meeting with some work mates. This is where I first saw Lee, stood at the bar. I never imagined he'd speak to me - let alone that we'd still be together 22 years on with three children!

We rented a flat together in 2001, got engaged, and by 2003 we'd moved into a two bedroom flat. They'd always been talk of an outdoor wedding in the woods, Lord of the Rings style - but it just never happened. Then came the babies, part-time work and much less money.

In 2014 we both decided that our wedding would happen in 2015, no matter what. Knowing that we couldn't really afford anything huge, we decided on a registry office followed by an outdoor reception somewhere local preferably near to woodland.

It took a year of planning, hard work, research and stress - but it all came together in June 2015. Our final budget came in at around £4000 which included all of our outfits, flowers, decorations, food, venue hire and equipment hire. We had a lot of help from family and friends chipping in with making things, bringing extra food and drinks and so kindly helping with the cost.

It also helped that my brother is a photographer and at the time owned a vintage Fairway taxi which saved us a huge expense.

I even managed to do a guest post on Boho Weddings with my DIY vinatge signs.

I have shared many posts about our wedding - I hope we can inspire other couples.


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