Collecting Feathers

I don't drive. Basically meaning that unless Daddy is off work - we walk everywhere.

This means the kids (and me) pick things up whilst we're walking - sticks, leaves, feathers, flowers........

We'd started to get together quite a few grey feathers, and I'd seen a lovely post on Pinterest by a lady who'd painted on the feathers in watercolour paints.

I gathered together all our crafty bits - but I also found quite a few old pots of nail polish in bright colours, acrylic paints, some chalk pastels and some glitter.

Let the experiment begin - let's just say all of the above items worked well and we ended up with some colourful creations which at some point soon will be made into a mobile decoration or a dream catcher.

#feathers #paint #chalk #glitter #nailpolishcolours

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