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We love Pompoms!

Who doesn't like a pompom, right?! I am pretty obsessed with them. I was always taught to make them with a cardboard ring but we decided to try out a new way - using a fork!

My Mum and my Nan are both knitters, so both had lots of leftover wool for us to use.

So, all you will need is some knitting wool, a fork and scissors.

Start off by cutting a strand of wool and dangling it through the middle prong of the fork (this will be used to tie the pompom).

Wrap the wool around the fork, like you are eating spaghetti - just keep going until you have covered the prongs - experiment with thickness.

Use the strand of wool that you dangled berween the prongs and tie it tightly around the middle.

Pull the creation off of the fork and cut through the loopy ends. Then fluff out the pompom and give it a trim. Ta-dah - quick and easy pompoms.

We may even attempt to make these into garland or pajaki mobile.

Instagram - Teaching the kids to make pompoms out of wool and forks.jpg
Instagram - Making pompoms with wool and forks #pompoms

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