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Rustic wedding signs

Sorry my blog has become very "weddingy" recently, but we have just over two weeks to go, so it's pretty much every day that I'm putting things together.

Since I made my first signs, I have become just a tad sign obsessed! They look really effective and are a simple way to add style to a wedding.

"Thank Pinterest" for all the amazing inspiration out there - I have made things I'd never even thought of before!

This is the meadow where we will be holding our reception. I have taken a few signs up there, just to see how they look. This was made from a stick and a broken old pallet.

The sign below I saw featured on the and decided to try and make my own out of a laminate floor board.

They have all turned out really well, and didn't take too much time to put together.

For the rough wood from the pallets, I hand painted the lettering and flowers and leaves with a fine brush and acrylic paints. On smoother wood, like laminate, my chalk pen works a treat.

I also picked up some slate signs, the rectangular one is from Poundland and the heart shape from the works. Again the chalk pen works brilliantly on these.

We live near a timber merchant, so he has kindly let us take 10 old pallets. My Dad has been very busy, so far, making three crates and a table!

I've yet to get my hands on these yet, some will be used as bottle crates, some will be stacked, and some will be used for flowers.

Work in progress includes a tree swing, and a sweet stand, and more smaller crates.

Enjoy the sunshine, let's hope it lasts!


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