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Rustic handmade bunting

Doesn't bunting just make you happy?! It can cheer up any area, be it indoors or outdoors. I knew bunting would feature a lot at our wedding. We already have a fair bit left over from various birthday parties, and some colourful paper bunting from Tiger. But I wanted something a bit more rustic.

I was going to attempt to make my own - errmmm I can sew, right?! Well, I can happily sew-on my daughters' Brownies badges, but I don't have a sewing machine, and I don't think I've used one in at least 15 years!

I wanted to go for hesian/burlap and lace, I managed to buy a roll of burlap from The Works, and a friend of ours donated some lace net curtains and some pink ditsy floral material, but, luckily for me I got talking to another Mum (and fellow blogger) on the school run, and she told me she was making bunting for her daughter's birthday party.

I'd spoken about having a short length of bunting with the word "Love" on it, my friend said she had some vintage bedsheets and some felt in a teal colour, and she was happy to make some for me. In return I offered to make a sign for her house.

We are lucky enough to now have three lengths of bunting, all handmade by Mama R! There's a lovely long length of rustic burlap, lace and floral bunting which looks amazing, a shorter length of "Love" bunting and an extra surprise piece of rustic bunting with Mr & Mrs on it. You can read the tutorial on how to make bunting over on her blog The Swish Family Robertson. There are also some great tutorials on having a Hogwarts Holiday at Home!

Thanks very much Mama Robertson!

I think this will look great hung up in the marquee.

This bunting will be hung near the tipi.

My photos don't do this any justice - it really looks stunning. Can't wait to hang this in two weeks time!


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