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Wedding: 9 days to go.....

I feel tired! Today has mainly been about hair. I never got around to booking a hair trial, but luckily for me I spoke to one of the Mum's from school and showed her a few photos of what style I liked, and not to give too much away - I ended up with this lovely braided style!

On the day, I will have more of a mermaid style wave going on, this was just a quick practise run, to get an idea of how it could look. The lovely April also spent a good three hours highlighting my hair (I have a lot of hair). I now feel very Khaleesi-like, especially with the plaited style. I've not been so blonde in a long time.

It's also the first time I've had my hair done at home, it's been a good nine months since I've visited the hairdressers. My hair is not far from my waist now, and I seem to have sprouted a few sparkling silver hairs recently (I wonder why?)

Luckily the kids all entertained eachother, but it was a long day for everyone.

Fin also needed a haircut - Uncle Paul is Finley's personal barber, he sits lovely and still for him, and he also got to watch Doc McStuffins whilst being quiffed!

I don't feel I have the energy to do anything else, which is weird, as I have basically hardly done anything at all today. I will be practising the girls' waterfall twists in their hair again this evening, and testing out various hair clips. But I feel I've reached a lull, I feel quite calm about things. There are still a few signs to finish off, crates to stain, ribbons to tie together - but nothing majorly difficult.

Tonight will be about relaxing!


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