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Wedding: 8 days to go!

Today was a strange one, it involved tantrums, pompoms, rain and hailstones! From early on in the day the children had decided that they did NOT want to leave the house. I don't blame them, it was a grey day.

I managed to engage Shannon for a while in making some pompom hairbands. We used pompoms from Tiger and basically used a needle and thread ato tie them on. They look really cute - Peruvian stylee!

It's difficult to feel excited about the wedding at the moment - it's all gone a bit quiet, there is not too much left to do, and we're both fed up of the flat being full of wedding paraphernalia! Our table is home to materials; bunting; tea-lights and jars. There are bottles and crates on most surfaces, and ribbons hanging all over the place.

Ribbons were my main task of the day yesterday. Nobody wanted to help me - so I got on with looping lots of different colours together, some are to hang from the tipi poles, some in trees, and then I have a large "Curtain of Ribbon" which can be used as a backdrop.

The rain caused tention indoors, bored children, basically refusing to do anything I asked them to. Lesson learnt, get outdoors no matter what - they need it (and so do I)!!

Please be kind next weekend mother nature - pretty, pretty please!


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