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Wedding: 7....6....5......

One week to go.....

Well, it's getting fairly hard to believe how soon our wedding will be here.

The last three days have been fairly quiet really, I'm guessing the calm before the storm! On Saturday just gone, I did start to feel like I was twiddling my thumbs a bit, Lee was out for his "stag do" for the day, so it was just me and the kids indoors.

Then my Dad called to say he'd just had a trial run to the registry office and been up to look at our reception venue - and - he had lots of hand-made crates in his van for me to see.

Excellent! We sourced some old pallets and out of those, Dad made crates of all shapes and sizes, a table and a swing seat!

Here is what they looked like before.

I took three of the crates indoors with me, and got the kids engaged in helping. I wanted one to look like an old Coca Cola crate, so we watered down some red acrylic and stained the wood with it. It worked really well, and soaked into the old wood. It then had a coat of Autentico dark wax to age it slightly. I tried my best to copy the coke logo freehand (it is far from perfect), but as far as old soda crates go, it's starting to look pretty cool.

The two smaller crates each had a rough coat of dark wax, which again, has worked a treat.

6 days to go.....

Well today was a treat, the children slept in until after 8.00am, and we had a lazy morning watching TV. Our local shop, Little Smiles at Home, had it's official opening, I absolutely love it there - such cool stuff. We'd popped in the day before, and I'd seen an awesome old gasoline pump (toy), I can't justify buying it at the moment, but I will when I can! I had a little glass of champagne and the children each had a cupcake - I also picked up a really lovely vintage Coca Cola tin for £4.50.

Lee started making a playlist for the reception - we ditched the idea of having a DJ or a band a while back (sad about the band) on the basis that we just could not afford to. So we'd decided on streaming a playlist via a phone or laptop through my Dad's hi-fi system and a couple of extra speakers. We've been choosing our favourite songs and writing a very long list. I am at work tomorrow, so Lee will be finalising all the music - as he was sensible and booked the week off!

5 days to go......

It's been a busy day in the office - part of me wishes that I had booked this week off! Lee has discovered Spotify Premium, a much easier way to create a playlist and it should stream easily in the field as it does not use the internet (the reception up there is not the best). He's been busily finishing off our music whilst I've been at work, I think it's gonna be a great night, we've got a real mixed bag of tunes going on.

I have just paid the invoice for my flowers, I will be going to pick them myself from a farm called Blooming Green on Thursday. Lee is also on the case of sourcing some hay bales. We have found somewhere which can deliver some on Wednesday, this seems to be our best option, and a friend has offered to store them in her garage.

Just one more day at work for me, and then I'm free to help with the rest of the organising... eeeek! And...... the weather forecast for the weekend is... scorchio!


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