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The ceremony

Once Lee had gone inside, Paul drove us to the front of the Mansion and we were allowed to go into a waiting room, I can’t explain the anxiety, I felt like I was waiting to take my driving test or something, I have no idea where these nerves had come from!

Lee had been interviewed before me and he’d already been taken into the ceremony room where all our guests were waiting. I was then lead to another room, where I was interviewed and met with the ladies who would be performing the ceremony. I was given a brief run-down of what would happen, and was given the best advice: “ignore everybody else in the room, pretend they are not there” this seemed to help me a bit.

The children and my Dad were now in the room with me, after quickly tying up Fin’s shoe lace we were told that the door would be pushed open slightly to alert everybody that we were ready, then the music would start, the children all held hands and walked in first, we had chosen The Kiss (which is the theme from The Last of the Mohicans), then clutching Dad’s arm, I followed, trying to take a quick glimpse around the room first.

We were all complimented on how much effort we'd made - especially Paul, with his snakeskin cowboy boots! We were allowed to sit down at first before saying our vows. Finley had the job of ring bearer, the rings were in a little treasure chest and he had to carry them to the table, his cuteness kind of stole the show - in a good way of course.

I don’t know what I’d been so worried about. The whole ceremony was lovely, we had just under 50 family and friends sharing it with us, neither of us passed out, and I actually really enjoyed it. We signed the register to Ho Hey by The Lumineers, posed for photographs, then left the room to Best Day of My Life by American Authors. Andrew handed out cute little bubbles in diamond shaped bottles (thanks for those Claire!) and we all headed out into the gardens to breathe a huge sigh of relief – after 17 and a half years together we were finally married!

I think that’s a long enough post – the next one will be all about the outdoor reception – stay tuned folks!

Pictures copyright of Anarchy Photography


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