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Make fairy doors from lolly sticks

Get saving your ice lolly sticks people! We've been putting ours in a tub and waiting for a good day to have a go at making a fairy door. Being the first day of the school hols, and the fact that by 10.30am my eldest was complaining about having nothing to do, now was as good a day as any to crack open the tub of lolly sticks.

DIY fairy door from lolly sticks

We used six lolly sticks per door, a bit of glue (PVA will do) a black pen and some dark wax to stain the sticks with. It's pretty self explanatory. Here are step by step photos.

I'm sure we could make some far more extravagant designs in the future, and yes, we dealt with a "your one's better than mine" fiasco!

The below door was made by Kiki, she decided her one would stay indoors!

The other fairy door was taken outdoors to the back of our block of flats with a bag of goodies. We propped the door up against a tree along with our little lolly stick sign, the kids gathered twigs to put around the door with a few leaves and a bit of dried lavender. Fairies obviously need a door bell - so I hung two jingly bells on a bit of string, the door mat is a piece of hesian and we sprinkled some pixie dust and left a tiny bottle out front.

Ta-dah - Fairy home! I wonder if it will still be there tomorrow?!

It's a cheap little project that doesn't take long and you can make one with stuff you may already have at home.

And FYI - Fairies ARE Real!


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