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Creating street art with Chalkies

We're over half way through the school holidays - and if you're like me, you have probably run out of money?! All those ideas I'd had, haven't quite panned out, because in reality, when you have three children, any day out can end up being expensive, even a trip to the park (damn you icecream vans).

I'd hoped to do a couple of days out in London - drinking bubble tea in China Town, a trip to Camden and Kings Cross to show the kids Platform 9 3/4.

Unless I somehow start earning A LOT more money my kids will have to continue to settle for going to the park and walks in the woods (quite frankly they are fed up with this sometimes!)

So, when they had protested for the 111th time about how totally bored they were - I had a brain wave. A while ago I'd been to the B & M store and picked up a pack of Chalkies - I loved the look of them as they look just like Sharpies!

Basically they are just thick sticks of chalk made to look like a pen the lid is chalk too.

Down the back of our block of flats is a large car park that is not really used - there is a huge wall (very urban) that has years of graffiti on, so I thought we could add our own Banksy style art to it! Which would just wash away in the rain.

Here are our creations - it killed about an hour, and gave them a bit of freedom, it was actually really theraputic.

I hope everybody is surviving the holidays?


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