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Wedding: Save the Dates

Once we had booked our wedding venue and discussed what sort of day we were hoping for - I started coming up with designs for Save the Date cards.

What with my love of all things Native American and my desperation to have a tipi (all be it a small one) at our outdoor reception - I decided to try out some ideas which would reflect this.

Instagram - Untitled
Instagram - Untitled
Instagram - Untitled
Instagram - #drawing #dreamcatcher

I called on my trusty friend Pinterest and found a cute painting of a dreamcatcher. So, with a biro and my kids watercolour set, I drew out a zentangle style dreamcatcher, and painted the feathers on to it. I then took a photo of my painting and exported it to Photoshop (yes I am lucky I can use Photoshop with ease). After adjusting the colours, I started to add text. There are great websites where you can download free fonts - so after much messing around I came up with my basic design!

I knew I wanted to add embellishments and had a pack of indian bindis indoors (as you do) these looked great stuck to the centre of the dreamcatcher.

My next task was to get some small feathers - blue jay feathers are the cutest. I found these on eBay, I had to bid on them and ended up spending £8 for about 40 feathers. I chose some thick paper from our local stationers which cost £4. My lovely brother then printed off 60 copies, all postcard size and trimmed them up.

Needing a fresh pair of eyes - I went to see my friend Kass, she is an awesome card maker and has the best craft room ever! She came up with the idea of distressing the edges with distress inks, and roughing them up too with scissors.

Instagram - Untitled

This looked very cool. Then Kass decided to add some gold to the edges too.

The feathers were attached to pieces of leather cord (from The Works) and fastened to the corners.

I have ended up with very unique Save the Date cards which in total probably cost me about £15 to make.

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