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Wedding: Beautiful Bridesmaids

Yay - I found them! The perfect dresses for my little ladies. We decided to just keep our two daughters as bridesmaids - as we have a fair few nieces and didn't want things to get too complicated.

As our reception is pretty much taking place in a meadow, I didn't want the dresses to be too heavy. I came across ChloeBellBoutique on Etsy and fell in love with her hand-made Country flower girls dress.

Instagram - Dresses which I will be ordering from @chloebellboutique also photo

Rachael, the owner of ChloeBell Boutique is a mother from Washington in the USA, who loves making clothes and costumes and frequently got requests to make dresses for friends, so she decided to start up her own Etsy shop. I'm so glad she did!

The dresses will be hand-made by Rachael, so I will be measuring up my girls and sending an order next week (after pay day). I think they will look gorgeous teamed up with cowboy boots and a flower crown.

Photograph by ChloeBell Boutique of her lovely daughter (who looks very much like my Keira).

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