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Wedding: The Ceremony

When it came down to organising the ceremony it took us a long time to decide on a date! Bearing in mind we were hoping to do everything outdoors, the first weekend in June seemed like our best bet.

Having looked into hiring out a registrar and realising we officially could not get married in the woods in the UK - the most sensible option was a registry office.

I am not hugely keen on registry offices - they are usually dark rooms with awful carpet, but I was pleasantly surprised with Leatherhead.

Leatherhead is a cute little town - not too far from home. The mansion, as it is known, is where the ceremonies take place. We will be in the larger room which seats 50 guests. Okay, so it's not very rustic (there is blue carpet) but there are beautiful dark wooden chairs, huge windows that back onto the conservatory and gardens, and a chandelier.

We chose to get married on a Saturday, as there will be a lot of children coming, this cost us £268 plus £70 for our wedding licence.

Once all the official stuff is done - that's when the real fun will begin. We will mock up photographs in the woods next to the meadow where the merriment will take place. Eeeeek - it's come around fast!

Instagram - Our wedding ceremony venue #leatherhead
Instagram - We are getting married here next year #leatherhead

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