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Wedding: Inspiration

There is a very clear idea in my head of how I'd like our wedding day to be.

Relaxed; informal; fun and bohemian are words that come to mind. I've always been into the woodland wedding idea - and thanks to Pinterest and looking at photographs of other people's weddings I have put together a huge board of ideas. You can follow me here.

Instagram - Untitled

Instagram - Untitled

The ceremony is sorted now - but there is still a lot to organise for the reception. We have a deposit down on a capri marquee, with furnishings. I have made lots of tissue pompoms and have honeycomb balls, bunting and lots of ribbons.

Last February we did a Mad Hatter's Tea Party for our daughter's sixth birthday, I borrowed a few old bottles from a friend, and fell in love with them. I had a lucky find literally days apart - I saw a whole load of vintage glass bottles in the window of our local charity shop, so Lee kindly scooped them up at £1 each. By chance the lady in the toy shop next door was closing down and moving house, she also had a few and sold them to us for £1 each! Then when we were visiting Lee's parents in Cornwall last summer, we'd gone into town and walked passed as dry cleaners shop, he had 100's of bottles in his window, again some only £1. These colourful apothecary beauties will be used on the tables and display wild flowers and feathers.

Along with the marquee, I would love a tipi of any description - I just love tipi's so much - we don't have a garden, but if we did, a tipi would be a permanent feature. They can be expensive to hire, but I have found one on eBay, it's ending in a few hours and only has one bid so far of £80 - I would love this so much!

Here are a few pictures that have inspired me - you can find the links through my Pinterest Wedding wishes board above.

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